Each year, thousands of young people join Cardiff and Vale College in order to discover or establish a path that will help them attain their career goals. This includes apprenticeships and Pre-Entrepreneurs (Enterprise).

Our Aspire events aim to provide a unique experience for all our learners at CAVC. We tailor each of our events with our learner’s progression in mind.

Our events give our learners the chance to interact with local and globally recognised businesses for apprenticeships and employment possibilities.

At all of our events, members of our Careers Team are there to provide additional support, advice, and direction.

Here at Aspire we believe in making every event a memorable experience by offering different opportunities that best fit our learners.

If you are a business and are looking to collaborate with us then please contact our Events and Enrichment Officer Suki Patwal at Aspire@cavc.ac.uk

If you are a learner and have some ideas event related, please contact the email above.

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