The Careers and Ideas Team are here to help support you and your learners throughout  the year.  You may be aware that you can refer learners to the team for careers advice and   guidance and help with employability skills but there is so much more the team can help  with; from delivering a wide range of in-class workshops, putting on bespoke events, linking with employers for work placement and live briefs to  enterprise activities and  encouraging participation in skills competitions we welcome the opportunity to work with   tutors  to ensure our learners receive excellent careers advice and guidance and relevant   world of work experiences.

We are always happy to speak with you about the wide range of support, guidance  and resources that we can provide.


We offer a wide range of in class workshops from sessions to help with applying to University, to key employability skills and Enterprise workshops. Please take a look at our offer and book us in.

Don’t see what you need? Don’t worry! Just let us know what you are looking for and we’ll do our best to create a session that meets your learners needs.

Have a learner that needs support? Send them our way- The Careers Coaches can help learners with anything related to long-term career plans or progression routes.

Email or complete the contact us form to refer.


The workshops and sessions in this category supports learners progressing into university, usually our Level 3 BTECS, A Levels, Foundation Degree and Access Courses.

The Journey to university can be a scary one for your learners, but don’t worry – We’re here to support them along the way.

Choosing the right uni/course: This workshop helps learners discover techniques to choose the right university course for them, including what factors to consider

Intro to HE:  This session is an introduction to higher education, including opportunities, options and entry requirements.

How to register for UCAS: A workshop exploring the UCAS application process. Suitable for learners progressing onto university

University Interviews: A session on university interviews, helping learners understand what to expect and feel prepared.

Personal Statements: This session covers personal statements for University- What to include to make them effective.

Degree Apprenticeships: This session covers degree apprenticeships as a progression route

Progression Routes: This session covers progression routes tailored to your class and course industry

Exploring Career Options and Goal Setting: Learners in the workshop will learn techniques to effectively explore their career options and set achievable career goals.


These workshops are all about employment and employability skills. They’ll help your learners who may be looking for part-time work alongside their studies to achieve their goals and help those that want to find employment after their course feel ready to take their first steps when the time comes.

CVs and Cover Letters: A workshop to get learners started on their CVs and cover letters. This workshop can be tailored to fit specific industries.

Job Searching/applications: This workshop covers how to effectively search for jobs and complete applications forms to a high standard.

Application Forms: An in depth look at job application forms including the info required on them and why.

LinkedIn Masterclass: A masterclass on LinkedIn- suitable for learners entering corporate and administrative fields of work.

Excel at interview: This session covers job interviews and how to complete them successfully.

Preparing for work: A workshop on preparing for your first job-perfect for learners who may be entering the world of work.

Apprenticeships: A workshop on all things apprenticeships, breaking down what they are , the benefits and how to apply.

Volunteering:  This session covers volunteering as a route into employment, focusing on transferable skills and finding opportunities.

Professional Communication: A session on professional communication in the workplace. Can be tailored to any industry and integrated into enterprise content as needed.

These workshops and sessions support entrepreneurial skills . Any of the sessions can be tailored for industry or level and be integrated into existing enterprise projects. They aim to engage, empower and equip the entrepreneurs and creatives in your classroom with real, tangible skills.

Intro to Entrepreneurship: Learners will discover what an enterprise is and be able to identify what makes a successful one.

Generating Ideas: Learners will discover how businesses come up with ideas and use these techniques to solve real life problems.

Customer Research: Learners will discover how businesses research their their target markets and will complete a customer profile.

Business Plan Basics: Learners will examine a business plan to discover  why they are important, what information needs to go into one and how to make an effective one.

Starting an  Etsy Store: An in depth exploration of how to start an Etsy store.

Effective Websites: Learners will investigate what makes an effective website for their industry

Website Building: learners will build a portfolio website from scratch using WIX.

Digital Marketing: An intensive session focusing on industry-specific digital marketing, such as websites, social media, and other online marketing techniques.

Generating ideas: Learners will discover how businesses come up with ideas, and use these techniques to solve real-life problems, This session can be delivered in either 1 or 2 hours.

Starting a Business in the UK: Tailored to ESOL learners (level 1 & 2). This session walks through the steps needed to start a business in the UK that may differ to other countries.

Confident Pitching:  Learners will analyse real examples of business pitches to identify what makes a good one. Then, they’ll come up with a pitch of their own in a quick-fire task.

Your first freelance job: A session covering what to do when you get your first freelance job. This workshop covers contracts, negotiation, and invoicing in order to get paid on time.

Successful Showreels: Learners will identify the aims of their showreels, learn what makes a showreel effective, and discover how to curate their work.

Successful Portfolios: Learners will identify the aims of their portfolios, learn what makes a portfolio successful, and practice curating work using real examples.

Invoices: Learners will discover how to make, send, and chase up an invoice, making real-life examples as practice.

Nailing a Personal Brand: A session focusing on creative identity and networking, from personal branding to how to write an ‘about me’ page.

Finances and Funding: An in-depth exploration of business finances within a specific industry. We’ll pull in a financial expert from Big Ideas Wales in for this one, so need 3 weeks notice to book.

Events and Visits

We are so happy to be able to offer in person events , visits and activities again. We are really keen to work with departments to arrange valuable employability and career experiences for your students; this could be an industry specific career fayre, networking event or inspirational speakers.

This year we have already held a number of well attended events from the larger Careers Fayre during National Careers week to specific hospitality, Aerospace, Sports and hair and Beauty events.

We would love to talk to you about events and activities for your students. Get in touch with the Aspire team at

I just wanted to say a massive thank you on behalf of myself and everyone up at ICAT for today’s amazing aerospace careers event.  From the CV and cover letter clinics prior to and after Christmas to the dressing of tables, balloon arches, goodie bags and everything in between.

Your team has been a huge support in todays event and I just wanted to pass on my sincerest thanks to you all. Your department often goes un-noticed and under the radar but on behalf of everyone at ICAT we think you are all heroes.”

Christopher Pilcher

Aerospace Engineering Tutor

“Thank you so much for arranging such a worthwhile, uplifting. educational career event.

 The students and I really enjoyed the individual speakers. They were current, honest and spoke with passion, giving an insight into their personal journey and commitment into succeeding in their chosen career.  The learners also enjoyed the interactive practice with hair and electrical equipment.  They rose to the challenge of getting up on the stage and taking part.  The students also spoke with the Speakers towards the end of the event, swapped Instagram pages, talked about work experience and gained invaluable contacts for the future.

 Most of my students are just 17 years old, they came away feeling proud that they were able to find the courage to interact and liaise in a professional way. Thanks again for a great inspirational, confidence-building event.”


Louise Judd

Lecturer Hairdressing

Shannon has been an amazing support for my group. She did a CV Surgery with them and then put together a job description for them to be able to apply for a job with her and then be interviewed. She has provided excellent constructive feedback on their CVs, Letters of application and Interviews on the day. This will really help them to build on their skills and experience for their Recruitment and Selection unit.

Lisa Poulton

Lecturer Business, Finance and IT

“The workshop was pitched at learner appropriate learner level. Very informative and useful for ESW Employability Qualification

Leah Olds

Lecturer ILS

Thank-you for leading the racial Awareness Event today; your planning and professionalism shines through and there have been so many positive comments about the event, all thanks to your meticulous planning.

Terri Vaughan Taylor

Head of Student Services