Useful Links

Please see below for an array of useful links catered to your employability and progression.

Careers&Ideas Instagram Page:  please see out Instagram page for bite sized employment advice, exciting events and job advertisements!

Careers&Ideas Facebook Page: please see our Facebook page for job advertisements, info on events and bite sized Careers&Ideas advice.

Careers&Ideas Twitter Page: please see out twitter page for lots of information on what we are up to, info on events, exciting opportunities and what’s going on around the college.

Aspire Teams Page: join out Aspire teams page where we post lots of live job opportunities and employment advice!

Talent Pool: follow this link to sign up to our talent pool! Get contacted by out employment officer with advice and some jobs that may suit you!

Feedback Form: have you received any 1:1 advice from the Aspire team? have you attended a workshop with us? or chatted to our enterprise officer about starting a business? If so we would love your feedback – click here to fill out our feedback form!

Employers Get In Touch: if you are an employer looking to work with us whether that be advertise your job vacancy, give a talk or attend one of our events, please click here (please detail how you would like to work with us within the message section).

Careers Wales Apprenticeship Search: a useful search engine to help find apprenticeships around Wales.

Careers Wales Career Match Quiz: click here and take the quiz to find out what career might suit you!

Careers Wales Job Information: a useful link that lists all the jobs you could possibly think of! Use the handy A-Z list to find out jobs that you are interested in, and then learn about things such as:

  • Salary
  • Qualifications you may need for the job
  • The job demand
  • Skills & qualities you may need to do the job
  • Relevant subjects

and more!